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Cancun Destination Wedding – 2015

This was a fun and very memorable wedding. I went more there as a guest so I only took a few simple gear with me. I ended up taking more photos than I expected and they all turned out very well. I’m glad I was given the opportunity to share this wonderful moment with the bride and groom and best of all, getting to visit Cancun! Overall I always love destination weddings. It thrills me to always have the opportunity to travel to different places and especially to share beautiful moments with wonderful friends. I hope you enjoy the photo as much as I enjoyed the whole experience. There will be a second part of this post. For now since I don’t post very often this will be a larger than usual album. Cheers!

Doan-Tuoc and Family

I’m very grateful to have great models and friends like Doan and Tuck.  They are always very easy to work with and luckily this year we had really great lighting.  I’m glad we postponed the photos until fall as the weather and lighting was so much better.  I hope we get just as lucky next year and I’m sure posing the girls will get easier as they get older and enjoy being in-front of the camera more.  I hope you like the photos as much as I liked taking them.

Linh & Thanh – Engagement Part 1

Every now and then I get lucky and have nice weather. Once in a while I find a nice location. Then there are times when I get really lucky and find an amazing location with good light. The best part about all of this is that Linh and Thanh were such great troopers and so easy to work with. Hope you enjoy these photos as much as I had photographing them!

Alexis and Ian – Part 2

This spring was very unpredictable with longer than expected cold spell and from what it seems, too much rain. Together they were a bad combination to make an orchard photoshoot successful. We had just missed the peak bloom by a few days and the temperature was still significantly colder than usual. I kept running around to find that soft light and was hopeful that the sunset would dazzle me with vibrant colors. Atlas we made due and I believe the results speak for itself. Alexis and Ian, thanks for being such a trooper! It was a fun experience overall!