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Before and After Series

I have attempted this before but I was not able to successfully write a script that would easily show the before and after photos effectively. Until I did a quick search on WordPress and found a few possible solutions. Here is my attempt to put it into good use.

Most readers already know that as a photographer we do spend much of our time on the computer fixing photos. Some photo fixes are simple with minor blemish removal, while others are quite drastic. In this series I will try to show the changes I’ve made with the original image through Photoshop or Lightroom and show you the difference.

Today’s photos was the first photo I original posted when Photoshop CS5 came out with content aware healing. This was my attempt at using the new feature and cleaning up my photo.



  1. Cleaned up all the vines.
  2. Added more poison ivy to include more green color contrast
  3. Touched up both bride and groom’s skin tone
  4. Made groom’s side burns fuller complete, aka, filled in the gap of missing hair
  5. Did a minor chin tuck on both bride and groom
  6. Increased the color vibrance


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