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Before and After Series #2

This was from my first ever photo-shoot.  I really only had a slight idea of what I was getting myself into but I was ready with all forms of camera equipment.  Back then I bought any gear that I thought would make my photos better, ultimately they were all in vain and ended up on Craigslist.   Surprisingly enough, somehow I was actually better at photoshopping and adjusting highlights.   The following photo took extensive touch-up without content-aware cloning and added fake fill light, (I’m not even sure how I achieved this as I’m capable of doing this in-camera now).  This was photographed during the worse possible part of the day in direct sun light right before noon.  As you can see lots of contrast, blown highlights, and lack of color even vibrance can’t even adjust.


I’m having issues displaying the full size of the above image so here it is again.



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