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Baby Jackson

Congratulations to Darlene and Thang!  Baby Jackson was my youngest newborn yet.  He gave me a tough time throughout the whole process but I believe it turned out to be a great success.Jackson-Vietnamese-baby Jackson-Vietnamese-baby-1 Jackson-Vietnamese-baby-2 Jackson-Vietnamese-baby-3 Jackson-Vietnamese-baby-4 Jackson-Vietnamese-baby-5 Jackson-Vietnamese-baby-6 Jackson-Vietnamese-baby-7 Jackson-Vietnamese-baby-8 Jackson-Vietnamese-baby-9 Jackson-Vietnamese-baby-10 Jackson-Vietnamese-baby-12 Jackson-Vietnamese-baby-13 Jackson-Vietnamese-baby-14 Jackson-Vietnamese-baby-15

For a different perspective of baby Jackson, visit Team JellyBean’s photos here.  Teevee has a great eye for children photography and provides more of a candid view of the mother, which I was not able to capture.  Overall great photos from TeeVee and as always I love her work!

May 31, 2013 - 8:04 PM tv tran - love your work Thy! love the vibrant colors and yet jackson still stands out.

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