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Sahisna & Amit – Cinemagraph

This is my second attempt at Cinemagraph, I hope to have better results next time but it was fun attempting this. I know I made two mistakes. 1) I took this free hand so there was camera shake and blurriness that could have been easily avoided had I used a tripod. 2) I did not change my aperture to get the correct DOF.

There are some other techniques that I would like to improve upon and that’s the final image quality. I was able to overcome some technical issues that are rarely mentioned on YouTube videos, which is to mask out certain areas on certain frames. Generally the videos only show the main subject very static and everything else moving. When your subject is moving and the background is also moving, masking properly at each frame and not the just main frame will yield better results and provide more flawless looping, otherwise it just won’t work. Lots of trial and error but I feel lots of incomplete tutorials available online.

For now enjoy my second attempt! At least I’m admiring my handiwork or attempting to overcome my flaws to enjoy the end result!


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