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Italia – Roma

These are some of pictures when I was in Rome.  I only spent a total of two days there so I didn’t really get a good feel of the city.  What I did enjoy was the cobble stone streets, the ancient relics that surrounded the city and the total immersion that I was in Italy.  We’ve already read and know about the ancient city of Rome and such but it was quite another feeling to be there.  I was in awe of the place as I walked it streets and saw the buildings that I’ve read, studied, and heard about from my years of school.  Throughout my whole experience all I was thinking was how cool it would be to have more leisure time to tour the city and not rush site to site.   Below are some of the highlights that of the places that I visited.

Vatican Dome ↑

Spanish Steps

Trevi Fountain

Piazza Navona

Piazza Navona - Mystery Lady

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