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Tuyet and Toan

A lovely couple, Tuyet and Toan, that I’ve know for a while.  I had the pleasure of being there for them and capturing the full traditional day.

The day started very early, waking up at 4am and then a 1.5 drive down to Richmond, Va.  We prepared at the groom’s house and gathered our gifts to be presented to the bride’s family.  At our destination per tradition we groom’s family gave the gifts to the bride’s family.  The ceremony consisted of family introduction and most importantly, the present of the rings, and showering the bride with gifts.  The Tuyet and Toan were then chauffeured to the groom’s house where the groom’s parents said their blessings and warm wishes and prayed to their ancestors.  Everyone wished the lovely couple well and then feasted on the huge luncheon.

The reception later that day was held at Fortune Resturant in Falls Church, Va.  This required everyone that attended the morning ceremony to commute back up to N.Va which is no easy feat with all the traffic.  I somehow forgot my jacket, shoes, and keys at the groom’s house. Luckily I had spares on me and was able to make it home to prepare for the evening ceremony.

All in all it was a beautiful and fun wedding.  Congrats to Tuyet & Toan!




Just Married

July 19, 2011 - 10:50 PM Toan - Thanks for taking our pictures again Thy. Your the best.

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