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Darlene & Thang – Engagement

Usually the Vietnamese community would have a formal engagement ceremony and then a celebration. For occasions like that I find it hard to create great images with the restriction of location and time. Especially when these ceremonies are held at a family’s home and when the ceremony is complete the lighting is extremely harsh to take decent photos.  I like breaking from the norm and doing things differently.  I’ve spent a lot of time driving around scoping out locations to take my photos.  I try to make each one different and unique as possible.  I want my clients to say that I put a personal touch into my photos starting with their location.  There are some locations that I try to go back to because it provides such a scenic look or possibility of great photos, why resist?

This is my attempt at breaking from the pack with a great couple to work with.  I scope out the town of Clifton with their railroad track and old town feel.  Besides the pesky mosquitoes everything worked out well.  Congrats Darlene and Thang you guys were a pleasure to work with!


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