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Annabelle Is Three

In the gloom of this rainy spring season, I’m currently missing the soft warm golden hour of summer.

Baby Alexio

“First I was afraid, I was petrified” … that I was too rusty at this.  It has been awhile since I did a newborn photoshoot as much of 2015 was crazy hectic.  Despite my bleak outlook Baby Alexio being the cutie that he is, really was extremely easy to work with.  He only gave me the usual fussiness because I did not do too much flow posing and had grand ideas of what I wanted to wrapped him in.  Overall I believe the end results were great.  Being that this is my first post of 2016 I thought I should make it larger than usual.  Hopefully I will come back with more updates soon. Enjoy!

Baby Kara

I love how different photoshoots continue to challenge and force me to see light differently. In this situation, the light was high and harsh with the weather getting warmer by minute. The soft light that I thought we would have was fast disappearing and there were no scenery. Luckily, I found some shade with some Kwanzan cherry trees. This was the first time that I had the opportunity to use my new Canon EF 135mm f/2 to compress the scene and really make the background more interesting. Overall I believe the photos turned out well especially the indoor lifestyle photos. I know Naomi and Dean were happy with the results!

As a bonus, since I do not post very often, I thought I add a few extra photos! Cheers!

Baby Ryan

Congratulations to Darlene and Thang on their second son, Ryan. This little guy was very cooperative and he made everything very easy for me. It was so much easier using more natural light and the results turned out quite nice. Hope you enjoy the photos!